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The Golden Thread


Amelia Donnelly writes from the heart in this new picture book, which follows a young girl called Rosie learning to deal with the sudden loss of her big brother. 

Amelia is a primary school teacher committed to supporting the mental health of our youth and this book provides a framework for dealing with challenging emotions. 

This heart-warming picture storybook addresses a difficult concept for children, but does so in such a beautiful way.

Throughout this book, children can learn how to deal with grief in a meaningful and positive manner. 

Gorgeous illustrations by Deb Hudson.


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The Golden Thread is a soul-stirring story that explores grief and loss in a way that’s real and relatable to children. The thread that connects us to the other side is represented in a way that will help children feel what it means to stay awake and listen in the face of grief. This is an important and beautiful offering.
— Elena Brower, Bestselling Author of Practice You
Being human comes with the inevitable fact of impermanence. Helping young children deal with loss and grief is a delicate and challenging task. Amelia’s book The Golden Thread is a sensitive and beautiful exploration, which offers a powerful metaphor to support children in developing greater resilience in the face of loss.
— Dr Elise Bialylew, Author of The Happiness Plan and Founder of Mindful in May
Simple images and metaphors, like the golden thread, can convey such powerful messages. The book, The Golden Thread, is full of heart and a lovely read. I hope it comforts many a child (and adult) dealing with loss.
— Dr Craig Hassed, Monash University
Grief is a universal human experience which painfully highlights the gap between where we find ourselves and where we hoped and expected to be. Amelia’s powerful yet simple notion of the golden thread helps close that gap, and is as meaningful and accessible for children and adults alike. This book will speak to anyone who has been touched by loss, and it’s message of hope is a wonderful tonic for us all.
— Sabrina Read Psychologist, Media Commentator, Radio 3AW & The Morning Show, Ch 7

About the Author

Amelia Donnelly

Amelia is passionate about helping others. Over the last eight years, she has been a full-time primary school teacher, dedicated to engaging and motivating students to achieve their full potential.

Amelia’s love of wellbeing, resilience and mental health, is born from personal experience. When she was halfway through Year 12, her older brother was tragically hit by a car and killed. Since then, she’s committed herself to personal growth and healing. While there is no closure, there is realisation that life continues and the journey is beneficial and worthwhile.

Travelling to India, meditating, practising yoga and attending lectures with leading experts in health and wellness, have all been avenues to positively manage stress and live a fulfilling life.

Amelia has completed training in Positive Education at Geelong Grammar, Mindfulness Teacher Training with Dr Craig Hassed at Monash University, achieved her Level 3 Reiki Master certification and dedicated two years to studying Vedic philosophy. She has also participated in a Vipassana Course and wrote mindfulness curriculum for the Resilience Project School’s Program.

Amelia is committed to taking action and supporting others through challenging times. The Golden Thread is her gift to share with others. This book celebrates the power of love, connection and celebrates what makes us uniquely human.



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